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To empower students through Christian values to become leaders who will impact the world


Welcome to Signet Christian School

We, at Signet Christian School, welcome you to experience the difference that a positive, supportive environment can make in the success of a child.

In an atmosphere of beauty that you can see and feel, we welcome you and your child to grow in understanding, wisdom and righteousness. Join us in honoring the past, seizing the present and building a bridge to the future.

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Our vision and mission is to make a difference in the unique life of every child who is entrusted to our care for their education.


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The school provides a continuous program from Junior Kindergarten right through to Grade 12. Use our online form to apply.



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You can get the latest news and find out about all the upcoming events at Signet Christian School right here.

We've moved! Look below for more information.



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